The best control container ever created!!!

The Chameleon Frame™ is the next-generation control container that you always wanted.
Designed for maximum functionality and customizability, it will take your user interfaces to a next level.
When coupled with other Chameleon controls, it improves even further the visual appeal of your programs.

The Chameleon Frame will not only enhance your User Interface, it will also ADD VALUE to your applications by giving a more friendly appeal. They will look more professional, and will be more customizable!

Main features:

  • 7 Different Styles to enhance the look of your applications.
  • Fully customizable face, border and font colors.
  • Support for choosing caption alignment.
  • Full customization of the frame bevel, giving more than a hundred possible combinations to create the style you want.
  • Bottomless frames to allow easy grouping of controls in a header-like manner.
  • Completely compatible with the standard frame control, so you can easily add the Chameleon Frame to your existing applications without effort.
  • Royalty free. Buy once, and use forever.
  • Very small code footprint.
  • And much more...

Download the free demo


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